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Accounting and Book Keeping Services :
The need of the hour is to have in place a system of robust processes to provide a strong framework for future growth, analysis of the company financials to improve efficiency and implementing best practices in finance function. As per our experience, following services are especially required for all Business organisations:
1. Financial processes & Controls
Conceptualizing, formulating and implementing financial processes and controls in conjunction with the client team.
2. Inventory management & control
Setting up to proper system and process of accounting of inventory items of raw material, work in process, finished goods with production planning, monitoring and accounting of material consumption based on bill of material, inventory levels, valuation of inventory.
3. Payroll
Managing all payroll related activities – Formulating payroll process; Salary processing; Employee reimbursement processing; Handling compliances (PF, ESI, LWF,TDS); Employee exit process; Advising client on best practices for Payroll.
4. Financial MIS & Analysis
Providing and reviewing regular financial performance reports and analysis on the cost and profitability for various product lines and business units to support decision making and providing advice from our expert financial advisors.
5. Budgeting & Forecasting
Creating budgets; predictive forecasts and development of market analysis; providing sensitivity analysis for various market scenarios.
6. Taxation
Managing all taxation related activities – Processing and deposit of tax (Excise, Service Tax, Sales Tax, TDS, Corporate Tax) on a timely basis; Liasoning with the tax authorities; Advising client on taxation best practices.
7. Receivables & Payables Management
Managing all activities – Formulating the complete vendor payment and client receivables process; Timely transactions as per process; Account reconciliation with the vendors & clients.
8. Fund Management
Managing the clients funds to achieve objectives of best return on capital and liquidity on behalf of the client.
9. General Accounting
Maintaining the client’s accounts and ledgers.
10. Bank Relationships
Manage the relationship with the banks; Provide MIS and prepare presentations as required by them; Advise client on lender practices
Virtual CFO
A virtual CFO is an outsourced service offering high-quality assistance in all financial and accounting matters, financial processes & control to ensure regulatory compliances and to meet other day to day reporting requirements. Virtual CFO can do everything a chief financial officer can do, but he does only what businesses need and only when they need it. That means virtually all the benefits of a CFO at a fraction of the cost. The virtual CFO service is a boon for those clients which do not have the scale to afford full-time CFO or well structured finance departments.

We provide a specialised services as “ Virtual CFO”, which is essentially a cost effective solution to satisfy client requirements of services which are normally carried out by a regular CFO as head of finance department. We work as partners with our clients in taking care of all their financial needs, financial operations, taxes, compliances etc. so that they can wholly concentrate on their core businesses.

We have requisite infrastructure and a team of experienced and qualified professionals to provide a onsite/offsite services to satisfy your CFO office requirements. Besides, our collective experience and expertise as a 30 year old firm, flexibility and low cost model is suitable to various kind of companies like MSME, startup companies, Foreign company entering India etc.
Financial Accounting
For all organizations that need high quality accounting advice, AKG and Co. has more than the required knowledge and technical expertise to assist the organization and enable it such that the financial accounts are used for management decision making and not merely to meet statutory requirement. Our experience with various accounting software enables us to set systems so that the accounting process becomes both user friendly and highly informative. Our technical advice, support tools, guidance, and training help the companies to improve the quality of their financial reporting.

We offer outsourcing accounting services and part-time accounting services to our clients where we take care of the complete requirements of a company from its finance department.

Our accounting services also include designing and implementation of accounting systems, Preparation of Budgets, Analysis of Variances, Compliance of accounting standards issued by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, preparation and presentation of MIS reports on a periodic basis and regular advice on these matters.
Accounting Manuals
An accounting manual is a collection of accounting instructions governing the responsibilities of persons, and the procedures, forms, and records relating to the preparation and use of accounting data. It is a handbook containing policy guidelines, procedures, and standards for accounts of a company or an individual.

The manual contains the charts (or classification) of accounts which is an important part of the accounting manual. There can be separate manuals for the constituent parts of the accounting system, for example, budget manuals or cost accounting manuals.

It is basically a step by step guide to understand various processes that are followed in an organization and a guideline to various policy checks that are adopted by the top management for effective efficiency and managerial control before the entire process is recorded in the books of account of the organization.

The other major constituent of the manual is a detailed analysis of the methods and systems as used by the organization for the purpose of book keeping and maintaining its daily books of accounts. This shall include step-by-step guidelines, diagrammatic presentation and an explanation to the accounting and the operating system as used in the organization and details on how to use the same. Details shall also be provided on the accounting policies as adopted by the organization and the reporting standards as required by the statutory bodies.
Corporate Reporting Systems or MIS
Taking a 360° view of a company’s health is a necessary step to securing the present and building for the future. Many organizations are facing important short term issues, such as reducing costs and current financial risks, but it is equally important to consider performance improvement and risk management opportunities that will drive growth and operating efficiencies for the longer term and create a stronger competitive position.

Reporting more comprehensively on important non-financial assets can often improve the valuation of a company. Our experience suggests that investors and analysts consider financial reports by themselves to be of limited use in determining a company's prospects. That shouldn't be too surprising—management itself doesn't rely solely on financial information in running its business. A company's brands, market share, customer retention levels, and intellectual capital are of intense interest to investors and other stakeholders.

We can assist organizations that need to ensure the quality and credibility of internal management information and external disclosures and, in particular, non-financial indicators. Our professional approach and focus on issues related to non-financial performance reporting, has not been limited to simply advocating reform but on providing Value Reporting.
1. Private or public assurance on non-financial information
2. Advice on changes required to support comprehensive and reliable management information
3. Assessment of external communications
4. Advice on how to articulate company's value
5. Benchmarking of external communications against global peers
6. Support for the development of a short and long-term communications strategy
Setting up of Inventory Systems
Having a sound and efficient Inventory Control system is in the wishlist of every manufacturer and trader as it affects both the top line and bottom line of the organisation in a significant manner. A good inventory system is one which enables the entrepreneur to identify inefficiencies in the Order to Sales cycle and helps the entrepreneur in reducing Normal and Abnormal wastage in the process of manufacture and Working capital requirement. The efficiency of production facilities is the key to survival of any manufacturing unit.

Having worked with clients in the business of manufacturing and trading for over 30 years, at AKG & Co. we have a vide experience in setting up efficient, simple & strong inventory accounting and control systems with and without various ERP systems available in the market.
Implementation of Tally ERP
Tally ERP is one of the most popular ERP software especially among small and medium enterprises in India but in majority of the organisations. However, it is also a fact that most of the organisations are using the software as simple accounting software, which we believe as less than 25% of the true potential of the software, without implementing and using various useful features and capabilities built-in the software.

At AKG we have the knowledge and experience to help organisations fully implement various features of Tally ERP including Bill of Material based Inventory Management, Cost Centres, Production Planning and Control, Purchase and Sales Order Systems, Budget & variance reporting and setting up various compliances like Excise, Service Tax, VAT and TDS.