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Company Law Compliances
From the incorporation of a new company or branch, the ongoing compliance with local legislation requirements, to the restructuring of your businesses, the AKG Legal services network is in a unique position to assist clients in ensuring the good standing of all of their legal entities in accordance with local legislation. We are also perfectly placed to assist clients with the legal implementation of their tax planning needs and work with them to find the best solutions for their businesses. We have been handling Company Law Matters of large number of Limited and private limited companies regularly and providing services to many Bank Branches for Registration of Charges with ROC and conducting searches on ROC records of various perspective or existing borrowers of Bank Branches
We provide the following services in this field:
   1. Incorporation of New Companies or Limited Liability Partnerships
   2. Preparation and Filling of Statutory Form/ Returns
   3. Maintenance of Statutory Record (e.g. Minutes of Meeting, Register of Shareholders, Register of Members, etc.).
   4. Compliance Certificates
   5. Documentation regarding Creation and Satisfaction of Charges
   6. Advisory on Company Law matters including appearance before the Company Law Board, Filing Petitions, and Drafting of      Shareholders’ Agreements etc.
   7. on Winding-up procedures including striking off the Name of a Company.
Practice areas:
   1. Secretarial Services /legal entity maintenance
Our compliance offering is based around the following:
   1. Maintenance of statutory registers and minute books
   2. Preparation and submission of any statutory corporate secretarial returns required on an annual basis
   3. Preparation of resolutions to approve the annual financial statements by directors and shareholders
   4. Submission of annual financial statements to the local registry, court, chamber of commerce or equivalent
   5. The timely payment of any government fees that are required on an annual basis such as business license renewal fees
   6. Provision of a Registered Office where necessary to meet domiciliation needs
   7. Provision of a nominee secretary or local agent service where necessary.
Corporate Structuring
From assisting on corporate simplification or group restructuring projects to advising on the administration of listed entities, organizing and attending board meetings and providing updates on changes to in-country company law, our corporate secretarial network is perfectly placed to advise and assist in an unparalleled number of territories.

We also have in-house tax and accounting specialists who compliment the services we provide, meaning we can find the best-fit solution for all business needs.
Corporate legal entity risk assessment
AKG’s Legal Services network offers risk assessments to evaluate the corporate secretarial status of business. These services can be tailored to fit the specific needs of any business, ensuring that the subsidiaries are able to pass their individual compliance health check reviews and a global validation exercises.
Corporate governance
Corporate governance concerns the implementation of effective internal controls and policies in order to avoid potential mismanagement, and help to control governance risks. We work with clients to first, evaluate their approach to the governance of their entities; and second, to implement effective governance frameworks to meet their governance needs. This could include adopting internal procedures to ensure consistency around subsidiary board reporting, the manner in which corporate changes to subsidiaries are approved, and to ensure board members are clear about the duties they owe to each individual entity in line with local legislation.