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Transaction Advisory Services
Mergers & Acquisitions
Our Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) franchise is based on the foundation of providing differentiated, value-added advice and services to our clients on complex strategic decisions and transactions.

Our merger and acquisition professionals combine our extensive network with local industry insights to help clients identify the right transaction for their organizations, linking transaction strategy with business strategy.

We can assist by assessing the strategic fit of a business by analyzing all aspects of a transaction, assessing the projected synergies, project managing the process, assisting in negotiations, financial modeling and assisting in assessing transaction implications. We can also help clients to move from private to public ownership and fulfill fiduciary duties to shareholders, boards, partners and other stakeholders who need independent financial analysis. We work throughout the transaction lifecycle, helping clients achieve their strategic objectives across acquisitions, disposals, management buy-outs, buy-ins, fundraisings, Initial Public Offerings, takeovers, mergers and strategic reviews.
Sell / Investee Side Advisory
Our sell-side transaction services helps our clients understand how, when and where to realize the value they have built in their businesses over a period of time. We can assist in evaluating option of sales and divestments to maximize the business value. With our strong track record, we follow a process which involves:
   1. Understanding key reasons / objectives why shareholders may choose to sell whole or part of their business
   2. Formulating a sales strategy
   3. Preparing key investment strategy documents for pitching to potential investors
   4. Long list of potential investors and making a contact
   5. Evaluate initial indicators of interest
   6. Initial management meetings with interested potential investors
   7. Term sheet / MoU / LoI
   8. Negotiating final terms and conditions of the transaction
   9. Preparation of data room for financial due diligence
   10. Executing definitive transaction agreements with the help of lawyers
Buy / Investor Side Advisory
We assist clients in their inorganic growth strategy through domestic and cross border acquisitions. Our team has successfully advised and executed comprehensive M&A transactions for companies and private investors that create value for the acquiring shareholders. Our financial advisory approach includes market analysis and industry research, target identification through long and short list, business valuation of targets, deal negotiations, due diligence and advice on definitive agreement.
Due Diligence
Due diligence is a term used for a number of concepts involving either an investigation of a business or a person prior to signing a contract, or an act with a certain standard of care. Our team of experienced professionals has extensive knowledge to highlight key focus areas which could be potential risk elements while executing a transaction.

All businesses involved in an acquisition, as buyers or sellers, need to ensure that the financial information they hold is as accurate as possible, not only to prevent paying too much (or in a sellerís case receiving too little) but also to ensure that their governance and risk management objectives are met.

We provide both desktop Due Diligence and detailed Financial and Tax Due Diligence support. Desktop due diligence is a preliminary investigation conducted on the target company in order to evaluate the performance of the company based on the data/ information which is available in public domain. Financial and Tax Due Diligence is a detailed exercise which involves on site reviews, interviews with target management and identification of pricing issues and structuring issues on deals.

We have independently handled Due Diligence as well as facilitating smooth Due Diligence by Third Party Agencies. The firm provides dedicated advisory services, due diligence report, corporate due diligence, legal due diligence, financial due diligence to ensure flawless transactions for the clientele catering to their specific needs individually. We help our clients with following value added services:
   1. By enhancing the buyer's understanding of the target business and therefore increasing the likelihood of the deal achieving       its objectives.
   2. By helping buyers to identify and understand critical success factors so that informed acquisition decisions can be made.
   3. By providing purchasers with greater certainty over the nature of the business and the characteristics of its cash flow. This       helps pricing decisions and the level of gearing the structure will support.
  4. By providing vendors with greater control over the sale process and the timing of sale, which can help secure a higher price for       the business.
   5. By helping clients reduce disruption to the business as the sale process is more controlled.
   6. Our vendor assistance specialists can ensure that the vendor retains pace and initiative throughout the sale process.
   7. By assisting with an early identification of value critical issues, providing the option to "regroup and fix" outside the glare of    publicity.
   8. By providing rapid execution of the divestment from the point of announcement for vendors. This reduces the business disruption   and accelerates transfer to new owners.
Business Valuation
Valuation is a perception of the value of a business at a given point of time. Valuation plays a central part in an equity transaction. Fair value of the business has to be decided prior to accepting or making an offer. Valuing all or part of a business requires understanding and analysis of a variety of complex factors. These include both detailed technical knowledge of value drivers and in-depth industry knowledge.

Valuing all or part of a business requires input from a variety of specialist advisers who need to understand the value drivers relevant to a particular industry sector alongside the broader strategic aims of the business. In the event of a merger, acquisition or alliance it is vital to understand the value likely to be created through the transaction.

The decision to restructure all or part of a business needs to be informed by a comprehensive understanding of the value of every aspect of the business. In the event of a dispute, an independent valuation is likely to help resolve issues swiftly.

Our objective is to provide a valuation of the business and provide inputs on matter impacting the valuation. With careful application of our professional judgment & experience we select the most appropriate valuation techniques. While valuation form an integral part of any M&A transaction, we also provide standalone valuation services for statutory purposes, family settlements, dispute resolutions etc.

Our valuation specialists can assist businesses to achieve an in-depth understanding of the value of each business or asset in a transaction. Our leading-edge technical knowledge combined with our in-depth industry knowledge allows us to understand the specific factors driving each individual deal.
Business Modeling
Our financial modeling support is designed to provide a future overview of the business. Financial modeling builds an abstract representation (a model) of a financial decision under various situations. It's a mathematical model designed to represent the future performance of a business, a project, or any other form of financial investment.